grandmas visit

The Alamo June 2013
These last few weeks we had a fabulous visitor with us by the name of:


It was so fantastic having her here and I have missed my mom so much and usually do during the summer but this year we were lucky enough to have her visit us here in Corpus for a week and a half.

We did so many fun things! It was such a comforting feeling having her here. I think moms in general make everything a lot more relaxing, they just have this calmness about them and you just feel safe when they are around.

We had a list of things we wanted to do while she was here and we pretty much did it all!!

  • Texas State Aquarium
  • Ocean swimming
  • Pool swimming
  • Local restaurants
  • Baby sea turtle release 
  • Souvenir shopping
  • The Alamo 
  • The Riverwalk 
  • Crafts
  • and lots and lots and lots of talking and watching The Big Bang Theory

This summer has been one of the greatest and since we are never around family for the summer it makes it hard and we always feel like we are missing out. So my mom coming to visit really made this summer special. 

My mom me and Crew at the Alamo
Codi and Crew at the Alamo 

cute baby sea turtle
at the sea turtle release

Sea turtle release 


Last week at the Nukaya House was quite entertaining!

Crew learned to crawl!!! Our baby is mobile!! He has been getting into everything he can reach and I can tell he is going to be trouble.

Sometimes in the mornings I take a nap on the couch while Codi watches Crew before work. Well, this last week I was taking a nap and Codi had put Crew to sleep before his naptime (thanks code) he stuck him in his carseat and rocked him to sleep because he goes to sleep so easy in there.  Codi set him on the floor next to me and went into the kitchen.  I guess our little man was just talking and made a little grunt and so Codi came to check on him. I then got woken up to a "Oh my gosh!" I got up really quick and saw Crew playing with a toy on the ground. He slid right out of his carseat and barely made a sound to get his toy he saw on the ground!!! little sneak!! We seriously have a little explorer on our hands! I'm not at all ready for this.

Last Sunday was a good day!
Its the only day Codi gets to stay home and relax and take a break from work.  I've been wanting to take Crew to the aquarium since we got here so we got a season pass for the aquarium and spent a few hours there. It was so fun!! Crew of course slept through a lot of it but he did get to see the pond full of stingrays we touched. 

There was a dolphin show we got to watch
huge sea turtles 
bald eagles

there is also a great splash pad for kids that we really wanted to go to but Crew was way too sleepy for that adventures so we saved that for another day.

It was so sunny and crew tried so hard to smile for the camera haha


Last week was so crazy for us at the Nukaya house.
first off Elliot and Finn decided since they have never had fleas it would be the perfect time to get them! All the while on the same day Crew thought he would throw a little fun at me and refuse to drink his bottle for a few feedings. I. About. Died.

Thanks to my AMAZING friends out here Lisa Maegan and Ashlie they went and got my pups some medicine and flea baths...we found out afterwards that Maegans dog Benny had fleas too! haha.

Maegan helped me make a few cute blankets for Crew. They turned out SO cute!!! I haven't made him anything yet so it was so much fun seeing them come together. (Ill post pictures later)

Another big milestone for Crew is that he started crawling this week!!!! CRAZY!!! He is getting so big and I am so proud of him!

This last Sunday was a huge day for me. It was my very first Mother's Day I am getting teary eyed writing this I just love being a Mom so much. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought I would love this little person so much, he is my absolute world. So this day was so special to me to get to spend with Codi, Crew, Finn and Elliot. We didn't do anything too exciting we went to this health food store I've been dying to go to and got a few things there. Then we went to Sams club and bought diapers (I'm a mom now) then we went out to dinner and Codi and I ate 3 pounds of crab combined! Ha we are fatties. It was great and then we came home and finished our night with a few Cosby Show episodes. It was an amazing end to our week and I'm so glad I got to spend it with all my boys!

Until next time!!


I'm going to try really hard this summer to blog every week. We are in Corpus Christi, Texas this year so I should be blogging about some pretty fun things this summer! It always a hard thing moving from your home out to a city you have no connection to or don't know where anything is. What makes it so much easier is all of the people we move with. They are like family and its so fun to get to spend our days with friends out here. I'm not pregnant this year (YAY!!) so this summer has already been so much fun!! Crew also has a few friends out here so its going to be a great 6 months!

I started a garden this summer which I really wanted to do last summer but didn't have enough energy for it. I'm so excited things are growing!! This is an old picture and my plants are HUGE now!! I planted two kinds of peas, carrots, cilantro, basil, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I even have 5 cherry tomatoes that are growing and 1 big tomato!!

 So this last Sunday was Cinco de mayo and after church we had a big get together with the whole team and it was so fun. I have to give a huge shout out to my friend Lisa for putting it all together and planning everything, She did so great with it all. She went grocery shopping and picked up all the ingredients for Cafe Rio pork salads and burritos, each of the wives had a dish we had to prepare for it. I got off super easy and just had to make the beans for the burritos. Lisa also made Tres leches cake for dessert and the boys got to bust open a pinata filled with CANDY.

Crew looooves the water 

Our friends Maegan and Jeff with Crew 
They are having a baby girl in September!!

I'm also doing pretty well at keeping up on cooking this summer which I did horrible at last year I just don't want to have another summer of eating out every night and my poor husband starving!! So I decided the easiest way to do this would to go to the grocery store every two weeks and get everything for meals every night for those two weeks. It has been great thus far I just hope I can keep it up!

see you all next week ;)


Well I am VERY bad!! I have not posted since little Crew was born and SO much has happened in these first five months of his life! He has had his first Christmas, New years and Easter. Celebrated Mom and Dads birthdays. Got to meet all his fun Cousins, Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents. He had a wonderful blessing day. He has even already made some new friends. The little guy survived his first plane ride, has been to the ocean TWICE and now lives in the big bad state of TEXAS!

He is our absolute pride and joy and we couldn't imagine our life without this little man! We have had the best experience being parents and we have such a GREAT baby! A few of Crews favorite things are:

  • his brothers Finn and Elliot
  • the swimming pool
  • mom and dads snuggles
  • attention (hes such a ham!)
  • his bouncer (he just learned to bounce in it today)
  • feeding time
  • being on the go (he is such an active baby)
  • rolling and scooting around on the floor
  • talking and laughing

a few things he HATES

  • Taking naps
  • when no one is looking at him
  • eating cereal (he loves his bottle, why do it the hard way?)
  • sitting still

We really aren't bad parents Crew is NOT drinking the dye just smelling it.

Crews first Easter Egg 

Sweet little bud with his first Easter Basket

Crews first time at the beach

Crew and Missi Awww

All of the cousins at Crews blessing!

Mom getting crew dressed for the big blessing day

He was so handsome in his suit and tie

Another first at the beach

Round two at the beach he even had his sunglasses and swimming suit on!

What a stud

Crew man doing what he does best

We have such a happy baby in our life and we couldn't have asked for a better little man!!


Labor story

40.1 weeks I went to my doctors appointment overdue and so ready for our baby to show his face!! My doctor wanted to induce me that night because my blood pressure was elevated and lets face it I was so ready to have our little one out! So we made an appointment to go in that night, Monday, the 10th at 8 pm We went home after my appointment that morning and packed all of our things and just relaxed for the day until it was time to go. My mom and Codis mom came down that night and it was a lot of fun spending some time with them before we headed to the hospital. We called the hospital at 8 that night and they said that they didn't have me on the list!! I freaked about thinking I would have to be pregnant for another day! They called my doctor and he told them they needed to get me in that night so we started driving over there around 9 and by 10pm they had started me on cytotec to help soften my cervix which was effaced to 90% and I was almost 2 cm dilated already.

It was a waiting game at that point. The cytotec only gave me really bad cramps all night long into the morning it was the most annoying thing EVER. So they gave me an ambien to help me sleep and all it did was make me see things. Aka. Little elves blowing things up haha! I can laugh now but it really freaked me out. Nothing much really changed so they started me on pitocin at 8 in the morning on Tuesday the eleventh and it made my labor progress. They gave me lortab for the pain of the contractions and it was amazing until I threw up haha. I still took more because the pain outweighed the throwing up. The doctor came in and broke my water at around 3pm and then the contractions got pretty intense and we also found out that the baby had pooped in utero but it wasn't life threatening for him so we kept letting me progress with pitocin. I also had to be on antibiotics because I was positive for group b strep. I was only dilated to a four at this point and just couldn't take it anymore so they called the anesthesiologist to give me my epidural. I stayed at a 4 for quite a while and then progressed to a 6 finally. I was shaking uncontrollably from the adrenaline and so they gave me oxygen to help me calm down a little bit. I was feeling pretty good with the epidural and then my left side started to get feeling back so that really freaked me out but we got it numb again by moving around from side to side in the bed. Codi had to ask all the family to leave the room because I couldn't progress and I was getting really antsy. After they left I went from a 6 to a 9 in about 25 minutes and then got to a ten at about 8 o clock that night and was having so much pressure I kept telling the nurses that I thought he was going to fall out! They kept reassuring me he wouldn't and he was still an inch away from crowning but they let me start to push and that felt so much better! I pushed for 2 hours straight and the doctor came at the end and was worried because the baby was a little distressed. I told the doctor, and everyone else in the room "I give up" and I seriously felt so defeated!! the nurses and Codi encouraged me with telling me I only had a few more pushes and that turned into about 15 more The baby was turned sideways so that's why he couldn't come out easy so the doctor had to cut me and used a vacuum to suck him and twisted his head to help him come out. His shoulders got stuck too so he had to pull pretty hard.

Codi got to watch his head crown and at 10:08 pm
                                 our sweet baby boy arrived

Codi said the birth was the most amazing thing he has ever seen. He cut the cord and we both cried with how beautiful he was! We heard the baby crying and they couldn't put him on my chest, because of him pooping In utero they had to clean him up. He weighed 7 pounds 14 oz. and was 20 inches long! While they did that the doctor stitched me up because I had a 2nd degree tear and then put him on my chest and I fell in love instantly! He was "ours" and we think he is the cutest baby we have ever seen. There is no describing getting to see your baby for the first time and it is so worth the pain and the nine months of being uncomfortable! I was in a lot of pain after the baby came from pushing so long I kept telling Codi my butt hurts so bad!! the doctor said it was from his head hitting on the same spot for so long and it bruising me up pretty good. Our little guy was sore too as you can imagine, I'm sure it hurt him more then it did me! One by one our family members got to come in and meet the little guy and I can't describe the feeling of getting to see my husband become a dad and see him with our little one for the first time. We named him...

Crew Masa Nukaya

He is absolutely perfect!


Almost baby time

Almost time.

Well I haven't updated the blog in quite a while now and thought it would be a good time to reflect on this pregnancy and think back on all that has gone on these past nine months. It has been such a long and short experience for me. This summer flew by and it also dragged on, my first trimester was so awful with being sick that the second trimester went by in a blink of an eye and it seems like this third trimester has gone even faster! 

We have been trying to get ready for the baby ever since we got back from Texas that we haven't really had a chance to sit down! Codi has been so busy remodeling the house and getting ready for our little guy to come that we haven't had much time to  think too much about him actually being here soon. it's so crazy to think in three weeks (wishful thinking) we will have a mini Nukaya in our arms!!

We are so very excited for this new chapter in our lives. We have been doing a birthing class this last month of being home and it has really been such a good thing for me and Codi to prep us mentally for the birth of our baby. I'm really excited to say that I'm going to try for a natural drug free birth using hypnobirthing! We will see how it goes but I am really hoping its something I can do! Codi has been such a great support and he is such a calm guy, I'm excited to see how he handles me during labor hahaha! 

I started going to the doctor every week now and up until this week my doctors appointments have been very routine. They check my weight blood pressure and get a urine sample, check the babies heartbeat and measurements and send me home. Today they checked me and I wasn't dilated really, but I was 70% effaced, which doesn't mean much but I was excited because it means it's getting closer to the birth! They also have said my last two blood pressure checks have been high so my doctor said not to be worried or stressed but if it keeps rising they might have to induce me. Which I do NOT want at all. I still have a few more weeks though so I'm really hoping it goes down! 

We also did a tour of the women and newborn center at the hospital yesterday which was really nice to get to go beforehand. They have a labor tub and the rooms are really nice and there is even a nurse on site that is registered in hypnobirthing so hopefully she is working when I go into labor ;) 

Like I said, this third and second trimester I have been so lucky to not have too many crazy symptoms of pregnancy. I don't even get heartburn which I am so thankful for! I have had some weird ones that I could do without though. Ever since I got home from Texas I have been seeing a chiropractor for my back and neck which I'm sure every pregnant women has horrible back pain. I consider myself really lucky because it hasn't bothered me as much as I think it could! I have been swelling quite a bit though and if I sit too long cross legged Codi gets really worried for me because I get dents all over my legs from my heels pushing into my fluid filled legs haha! He's so cute. I'm also getting really bad carpal tunnel where my hands hurt to the bone and I get this shooting pain down into my groin that just stops me dead in my tracks and pretty much puts me into tears. I'm also nice and round and pretty much pushing it to the limits with my weight gain. I've almost hit 40 pounds! Ahhh! It's so scary to me. My doctor told me not to worry at all because it's mostly fluid and water weight so I should lose it pretty fast.  What a nice guy!

Other then all my pregnancy craziness our baby boy is super healthy in there and head down ready to make his appearance! A few weeks ago we did an ultrasound so we could see what he looked like and we were so mad because the little cutie was covering his face the whole time!!! He is such a shy little guy! He was putting on quite a show for us though and flexing his cute little biceps! He's just like his dad! We are so happy this pregnancy had gone so well and that we have a healthy baby growing inside of me.

I didn't realize how hard pregnancy is on a woman and it has been a crazy nine months but I know when our little guy gets here in our arms I will forget it all and want to do it all over again! We feel so blessed to even get to have a baby and we can not wait to meet our little one! 

I have to give a huge thank you to my sweet husband that has been putting up with crazy hormones and outrageous cravings for the past while now. My outrageous cravings are probably only crazy to me and my family because they know what a health nut I am. I can not wait to not crave McDonald's chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and nachos. Haha I hope I look back on this all and laugh at the things that have been keeping me and baby alive through this pregnancy. 

So here's to working out and health food and wish me luck in a few weeks with my labor! Next time I post I'm sure it will be about my birth story and I will probably have some adorable baby pictures to share!